Posted by: drbrucepk | January 2, 2008

Welcome to the International Teacher

Teaching is one of those rare professions that people sometimes refer to as a “calling” somewhat like being a nun or a priest or a deranged poet. Sometimes I feel that way as well. It’s ok; we all have delusions of grandeur occasionally. Teaching is a profession that is intense, stressful, and when things go just right – sublime. But, wouldn’t it be nice if we were paid a little better, had a few special benefits and some adventure as well? Working as an international teacher is a good way to get all three.

The international teaching field is exploding these days as an increasing number of developing countries open new international schools to meet the demands of the new middle and upper classes for quality education, and that is often translated as having schools with an international curriculum and a faculty of Western-trained teachers.

But, how do you go about getting a position as a teacher at an international school? What’s a good salary? How much can you save? Is it save to work in a developing country if you have children? What are students like in foreign countries – are they studious, well-behaved, and friendly. What about diseases and political disturbances?

This blog picks up where my website began 12 years ago. Cyberbali offers resources and information for international teachers, but the actual information about the nuts and bolts of international education isn’t there. There are hundreds of websites about teaching overseas, but much of the information is dated, confusing, and at times just plain wrong. This blog will directly address the issues that teachers most often ask me about when they read my website.

So subscribe to the rss feed and get the latest information and resources available on the internet. I’ll be using my 18 years of experience as an international teacher and administrator to make sense of it all and give you a running start on your way to teaching overseas. And, for those of you who are already teaching overseas, I’ll keep you updated on new trends in international education, new school openings, and much more. So let’s get started. See you tomorrow.


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