Posted by: drbrucepk | May 12, 2008

Some General Comments

No school reviews today, although I hope to have one later this week. It’s incredibly busy now with reports at school coming up and moving and trying to rent out or sell our house here in Sumbawa. Today’s post has to do with a few general comments about this site and sites similar to this that I’ve come across on the internet.

First, I am not a recruiter. Please, please note that and do not post resumes here. I have absolutely nothing to do with employing teachers anymore, and most of my friends who are in those positions are retiring now or have already retired. This site is meant to serve as an informational site for those teachers who want to work internationally and are looking for information on international schools and international teaching.

Second, I came across a site the other day through my StumbleUpon app (I love that thing; I have come across some great sites because of it) that offers reviews of international schools written by teachers who work at, or have worked at, the school being reviewed. This is a pay site.

Now, I have nothing against pay sites, and I have nothing against writing for money. (In fact, I hope to have two eBooks out over the next four months – one on the practicalities of moving to Bali, and one on international teaching.) But, I have some reservations about charging for other people’s opinions on schools. But, besides the pay issue, I do have some real problems with anonymous reviews of schools – whether positive or negative. If they’re positive, they could be written by the administrators of the school and be somewhat skewed, and if they’re negative, they could be written by a disgruntled former teacher.

Anyone who has worked in education for a period of time knows that some teachers can be real whiners, and I’ve worked with several (and I’ve gone through a few whiney periods myself). So, is it fair to a school and the school administrator to have an anonymous negative review posted by a teacher who is unhappy because of some issue that may be purely personal and not indicative of the general school environment?

I did read through all the free reviews (the site gives you limited access before you pay and get full access), including two of one of my former schools. I happened to agree with both of them, but I can think of several teachers at the same school who might have written negative reviews because of issues that affected only them. I understand, also, that some administrators take criticisms very personally and can be vindictive. So, how does a teacher go about voicing their complaints about a school or administrator openly without fear of retribution? I know on some teacher websites criticisms are voiced clearly but with vague references to the school in question. Those in the know can figure out which school is being reviewed, but for the new teacher…?

I’d like to hear from other teachers on this issue. Please feel free to contribute and, if you really need to, you can do it anonymously.



  1. I guess it can’t be helped that people give their opinion, whether freely or not. However, I am very much interested in surfing through the site that you stumbled upon.

    Also, since you have been living in Indonesia for quite sometime, is it possible that I can ask you questions about your experiences in living in Indonesia?

  2. Yes Dione you may ask me some questions about Indonesia.

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