The International Teacher – A New eBook

The International Teacher: A Guide to Teaching Overseas

Life overseas. Schools with first class facilities. Dedicated and polite students. A salary and lifestyle that allows you to put some money in the bank every month. An opportunity to expand your professional and personal horizons. New experiences waiting for you every day.

Does this sound like something that you want? If it is, read on.

teaching.jpgSo, how do you have a terrific time while making a great living? International teaching is your portal to a life of adventure, professional development and financial security. Jobs for teachers overseas continue to increase as new international schools open around the world. However, as opportunities increase, obtaining a job as an international teacher is more competitive than ever. Teachers need to be prepared for the competition, which is why I wrote this eBook.

The International Teacher: A Guide to Teaching Overseas, has 440 pages of up-to-date reviews of 197 international schools along with key articles on topics of fundamental importance to teachers searching for positions in international schools. In Section One of The International Teacher you will find articles on:

  1. Finding the Fit
  2. Writing a Cover Letter
  3. Job Fairs
  4. Interviews
  5. Professional Development

Section Two contains articles on International Education Organizations including:

  1. The University of Northern Iowa Placement Service for Educators
  2. Search Associates
  3. International Schools Services
  4. East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools
  5. International Baccalaureate Organization
  6. Quality Schools International
  7. Oasis International Schools

Section Three contains reviews of 155 international schools from five continents. Each school review contains:

  1. Coverage of the school mission, facilities, curriculum, extra curricular activities, technology, professional development, employment details, and sociocultural information about the school’s location.
  2. Updated links to the school website, employment information, email addresses, and more.

Why you should buy this book!

This eBook is in downloadable PDF format with hyperlinks that allow you to instantly access the most recent information on 155 schools. The articles in Section One cover the most important aspects of finding an international job and allows you to be competitive in a highly competitive market. My years in international education have given me an insider’s knowledge of the international teaching market. As a retired teacher commented on a pre-publication of this book:

I wish that you had written this during my teaching years. The ease with which I was able to access information on so many schools, including ones that I have never heard of, would have made my job searches much more enjoyable and wide-ranging than they were.

For some examples of what you will find in The International Teacher go to my blog, The International Teacher. You will find reviews of schools as well as articles on teaching overseas. This eBook grew out of The International Teacher blog and covers more schools in greater detail with the most current information available. Plus, as a benefit for all purchasers of this book, you will receive next year’s update (due out in October 2010) for free.

About the Author

I have a Ph.D. in anthropology, and I’ve been teaching now for 33 years. My positions have ranged from preschool to university. I’ve tarsier02.jpgbeen overseas now for 20 years. In that time, I’ve taught just about every subject that schools offer. My first position overseas was teaching Second Grade to a group of expat students in a small mining community in Indonesia. Since then I’ve taught computers, math, anthropology, physical education, art, library, social studies, science, health, and more. I’ve been a computer coordinator at four schools, an elementary/middle school principal at two schools, and I’ve served on countless accreditation and curriculum committees as well. As a teacher and administrator, I’ve been on both sides of the job search – interviewer as well as interviewee.


Buy This Book Today! (And You Might Be Shopping in Dubai Next Year)

Do you really want to keep teaching in your home country?

You can purchase this book and download it today by going to this link.

Payment is via PayPal.The price is only $10.00 and remember that you get all future updates for free by purchasing the first edition now.




  1. Dear Sir:
    We are canadians and working in Nepal.
    Do you have any poenings in your school.

  2. Dear Sir:
    My wife teaches science and computers in a public school in Jaipur India. the school name is M,G,D,Public school jaipur.
    She is exploring the possibilities of getting a suitable teaching position in your august school.
    Arvind Kashyap

  3. I Mohammed Bilal Farooq have acquired the Master Degree in Business Administration (Finance) from Graduate School of Management and Computer Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan and have more then 5 years teaching experience on College Level and now a days searching any good reputed institution in Gulf who appoint me for Intermediate Commerce Group etc on College as well as University level

  4. Presently I am deputed as a pyp Dance Teacher from last three years with Oakridge international school (ib world school) .As my better prospects I am looking out for the new opportunities in the same field. Please find my profile in the attachment. If you have any questions please let me know so that I can get back to you ASAP.

  5. Dear Principal,

    Job reference: Mathematics and Science teacher

    I am pleased to forward an application for the above position .
    I have completed graduate diploma of secondary education at Monash University, Australia in 2009 and hence I have been teaching in Victoria approximately one year. since 2001 I had been teaching in Republic of Maldives and Sri Lanka for a period of 5 years.

    I am committed to providing students with a safe, dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can develop repertoire of skills and behaviours. My innovative teaching techniques and ICT skills and the knowledge of Secondary school curriculum would be an asset to your school. I will also bring a strong sense of cultural and global awareness to the school curriculum and community.
    In summary I believe that my combination of skills, experience and personal attributes, make me well suited to the post. If I was employed in your school, I am sure that I would be considered as a competent teacher who prepares students to get challenges out side the classroom walls.
    I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my suitability for this role within your school.

    Yours faithfully,

    Kamani Gunasena

  6. Hello, I just bought the book but I dont know how to open it. Please help me. Thank you.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to apply for teacher jobs in your campus.If possible i want to teach ICT for junior and Malay language.If any vacancies available please let me know.Thanks in advance.

  8. I am a private music tutor with over 20 years experience in teaching individual and group instrumental music classes in Australia. I am also a qualified Austswim instructor in Learn to Swim and Water Safety. My wife has family in Cebu and I am investigating the possibility of teaching Instrumental Music and/or Swimming in Cebu.

  9. I have purchased your book and have been billed but am unable to access it.

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